Fable-tics Revolutionizing the E-commerce Market

The E-commerce Market has become very common, but not many people have succeeded. Why, because of the market saturation. Despite the stiff competition, Fabletics seems to have made it. The Company has grown to $250 million in the last three years.

Did you know that Amazon controls 20% of the market? Yes, they do. For you to be successful, you need to develop an action plan like Fableticshave done.

Fabletics is a fashion E-commerce Market that uses the subscription method to sell its clothes to its customers. In addition to having Kate Hudson as the face of the brand, the Company has put in effect different measures to promote growth.

They use reverse showrooming

  • They use reverse showrooming

The greatest challenge that the e-commerce business faces is with their customers. Most customers use their website to browse the different products. They will then choose the physical stores to get access to cheaper products.

Fabletics have used this challenge to their advantage. They have opened different pop-up stores where their customers can get access to different products. The Company has opened 75 pop-up stores so far. 50 % of the people who buy the clothes in the stores are members of Fabletics.

They build online data

It is important for customers to get access to the right content. That is the reason why the Company focuses on building data and providing customers with the right information. Using the data helps the Fabletics team to stock only the right products that their clients require.

Their stores are usually stocked based on member preferences. When you become a member, they ask you for information about your fashion preference. They will give you options based on the information that you provide.


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